Life X Collars –

Keeping Birds Safe And

Cats Fashionable

Safety Break Away – Quick Release Buckle

provides an easy escape for cats if they get caught whilst climbing or in undergrowth. 

Outer sleeve is made from recycled cotton, poplin & polycotton

Planet-kind using wholly recycled materials from post consumer materials clothing etc.

Tracking Label

With serial number unique to the owner allowing the collar to be returned to the owner if lost.

Cats have also been reunited with their owners when found wearing the Stop Cat collars.

Multi-Tonal Bells

Our multi-tonal bells are far more efficient than standard mono tone bells in alerting birds of approaching threat.

Reflective Edging/Trim

Scotchlite reflective material offers 700 feet of sight distance allowing an automobile driver to identify and react in plenty of time.

The high visibility of our collars also provides birds with a better chance of seeing your little hunter before it’s too late!