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Wonderful product. Lovely bright collar. The waterproof fabric makes it perfect for the season and it stays cleaner too. Really effective for bird protection. Our cat is a formidable predator but now the birds can see him and it’s a game changer.

Cherry Macknay

The collar arrived quickly and is perfect to help my cat been seen in the dark to prevent against being knocked over. It also seems to be working well at preventing his killing spree so we are very happy. Thank you.


Absolutely brilliant wee collar! We got this for Miss. Giggle after she unfortunately brought us her first “present” and thankfully we have had no more! She tolerates it very well and it seems to give the little critters in the area she roams enough of a heads up to scarper which we’re very grateful for~

Lisa Connolly

These collars have made an enormous difference for the birds in our garden. The cat doesn’t know he looks a bit of a clown and still thinks he’s the bees knees. We’ve gone from daily, often multiple strikes, to none.

Cherry M.

Quick delivery and a good quality collar. Bells are a nice volume and give a pleasant jingle. No birds so far (and previously we had 3 in 1 night…😭) ….. hoping that continues!


Bought our first collar a couple of months ago and not had any bird incidents since, down from around one every other week to zero so far. The collars don’t seem to bother Oreo one bit and he looks a real Bobby Dazzler wearing them.


This is his second collar, and since he started wearing them, he’s not brought a bird back at all.

He still brings the occasional shrew or mouse 🥺. But, I’m so glad the beautiful birds in our garden can live in peace 🐦. Our neighbours have posted it through the door a couple of times too, so I know when he gets it stuck on something, he can still get free safely.


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