About Us

We love cats. We love birds. Cats also love birds… but not in the same way.

Born out of our love for all animals, our cat collars are designed to be comfortable and safe to wear for our furry friends, whilst giving our feathered friends a heads-up that they may be in danger. 

But… How?

Our uniquely designed cat collars carry a range of features that act as an “early warning system” to let birds know our little hunters are near by.

Firstly, our collars are equipped with UVR reflectors which act like 1000’s of tiny mirrors reflecting UV rays from the cats collar, making them much easier for birds to see.

Secondly, we utilise multi-tonal bells which make it much harder for cats to hide – one restriction normal collars have is that smarter cats learn how to minimise the noise they make when hunting.

Thirdly, our collars have a reflective edging, making them more visible in low light to potential prey, cars and pedestrians.

We also have various options including complete HI-VIZ versions which make cats even more visible at night and also make them appear larger to other night time predators.

Reflective material and disks
Serial Number

That sounds great, but is it safe for my cat?

Of course! Safety is at the forefront of everything we are creating.

On top of the safety benefits above, our collars also: 

  1. Have “Safety Break Free Buckles” which are specifically design to
    break away if the collar gets snagged
  2. Have unique serial numbers which help customers reunite
    with lost collars or even cats
  3. Come in a range of sizes and materials to better suit your cat,
    regardless of if they’re a short hair cat or long-haired lion!

Don’t just take our word for it, our customers are happy to share their experiences!

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